January 23, 2018

    Our Threesome Debacle

    By / January 23, 2018

    The girl I thought was my soulmate started a fight when we were having a threesome. I would not have minded so much, but it was at a top sex party in London. The parties that I go to are hosted by a girl who used to work for London escorts, and they are rather sophisticated affairs.

    Sure I can understand that a threesome may not be for you, but in that case you can just say know, and let the others enjoy something else. There is no need to shout your head off in front of a bunch of charlotte London escorts who enjoy to party in the spare time.

    It is not easy to try something new sexually, and it is one of the reasons I go to sex parties in London. Most of the girls who go to the private sex parties I attend in London are former London escorts and they are a little bit more broadminded when it call comes down to it. It is not only that turns me on, but I love the fact that the sex parties I go are a little bit posh. A few years ago, sex parties in London used to be really sleazy but a lot of that has changed.

    I will admit that I have a bit of a vested interest in sex parties in London. When Annika from London escorts first wanted to start throwing sex parties after she had retired from London escorts, I came on board as an investor. Sex parties are not cheap to set up at all, and it has taken us a while to work up to where we are today. Thanks to keeping the parties a bit posh, we have been able to buy a nice penthouse apartment in London, and even set up a company running them. There is no way that I am going to allow someone to ruin all of our hard work.

    We have pretty strict rules when it comes to our sex parties and work hard to make people feel comfortable. I guess that is the top reason I kicked my girlfriend out from the party. She had been to a party before, and to be fair to her, she got really excited. Sometimes taking part and watching is not the same thing at all, and if you feel like that, then sex parties are not for you at all. The girls at London escorts love their sex parties and many guys come just to date hot girls and make interesting hook ups. If we did not have that, we would soon lose our followers.

    You don’t have to be a London escorts to come to our sex parties. It is just that Annika knows so many girls who are London escorts, or used to work for a London escorts service. Many of the girls who go to the parties are regular girls and they enjoy it simply because they can escape for a little while. That is yet another reason why we don’t need to bring in people who are not into sex parties. We would just ruin everyone’s a little bit of fun, and I am not prepared to put up with that at all.…

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    By / January 6, 2018

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